The product is a clear thin plastic covering for screens to reduce glare and brightness.  Inside the plastic is clear color water, any liquid or artificial water or material that works and helps the user comfortable and interested.  It is firm, thin with adhesive on the back and edges to apply on the device.


Air Covering also uses plastic in the way that Water Screening does but with air instead of water, and used on the back and around the edges or even on the screen as preference.


If the concept is implemented corrected, it should be universal and work for all screening electronic devices but in case any concerns that may arised reguarding spaces for the devices’ speakers, headphones jack etc., clear hard and flat plastic buttons or framing can be attached to the clear plastic material to be left open for the speakers, receivers, or headphone jacks.  These are just as an example. The water screening only covers where there is screening.  The edges... of smart phones etc. are just plastic, which can be left open where necessary without a problem.  I have a lot more solutions for any concerns that may araised requiring whether or not it works on all devices including TVs, computers... universally.  This idea might be possible to be implemented to vehicles such as cars for protection and reduce the force if any accidents.


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