Positive Spin Pole Dance Fitness is a socially conscious space that supports traditionally underrepresented individuals and their allies in their journey to learn and grow as dancers and as people. We offer several daily pole classes for adults, custom pole dance parties, and are home to the country's first high school pole program!

Pole fitness is unique in that it is one of the only strength based sports that isn’t marketed primarily to straight men. As the pole industry has evolved, it has created a lot of spaces for straight, white women by emphasizing the performance of feminine gender in a traditionally idealized way.

While these spaces are highly beneficial to the women they serve, they do not cover the full scope of what pole fitness can be.

Positive Spin is expanding the demographics by creating a socially conscious pole space that is for queer, non monogamous, and plus size individuals, and their allies.  By creating a socially conscious, identity inclusive space for exploring pole fitness, Positive Spin provides a space where those who are traditionally underrepresented in our industry can experience the benefits of pole. This space is particularly important because these same populations are also the most alienated from other dance and fitness facilities.

In accessing pole fitness, our students are finally given the opportunity to see the full potential of their bodies. They learn that their bodies are stronger and more capable than they’ve ever imagined. One of our gender queer students explains how pole has already affected their relationship with their body, even in their first few weeks of classes.

“I have less than 10 classes under my belt, but I can already tell a difference in my work. It’s not just a difference in my strength and flexibility, but also in in confidence and trust in myself. It’s a slow relationship, but pole has helped me and my body be on the same team, and has allowed me to surprise myself in my abilities and see myself in a kind light.”

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