Cover Your 6 - Independent LegalShield/IDShield Associate strives to build a better world where access to justice and security is equal for every human no longer simply sold to the highest bidder. We have taken our mission to provide access to the Liberty, Equality, Opportunity, and Justice that every human deserves and expects, and we are rapidly expanding it through technology. We are a leader in our industry, but we are just getting started.

LegalShield is innovating and disrupting the traditional legal system; a system that is expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. Through technology and our provider law firm network, legal access is now simple, easy, and affordable.

Founded in 1972 to bridge the legal gap, LegalShield has grown to empower millions of lives across North America. Wherever people have access to their phones, they have access to their firms!

In the same way that Uber forever changed the transportation industry, Amazon created a new way to shop for everyday goods and Netflix changed how people consume TV shows and movies, LegalShield is the disruptive force providing millions of people across North America with access to the legal services they deserve.

LegalShield Members receive legal advice on an unlimited number of personal legal issues for a monthly subscription fee. With a dedicated law firm on hand to offer legal guidance when its most needed, our members can make informed decisions quickly and easily without the hassle of appointments or high hourly legal rates.

From advice on warranty issues to real estate, speeding tickets to estate planning and beyond, an actual lawyer is on hand to help people navigate through personal legal matters no matter how traumatic or trivial they may seem. And we offer 24/7 emergency access for covered situations.

We provide access to thousands of lawyers through our dedicated network of law firms, and LegalShield gives members a 25% discount off our provider law firm's standard hourly rate, even on legal matters that are not otherwise provided by the plan.