AbiliTrek is a multifaceted company with the mission of improving accessibility and empowering people with disabilities. Millions of website and app users depend on accessibility features within software in order to operate them effectively. If these critical features are not present, many users may find your services unusable. AbiliTrek can determine if your websites/apps are accessible to those who require accessibility accommodation. We can also assist with incorporating accessibility features into your software so that it is in compliance and can be used by everyone. We have found that most large corporations focus their web accessibility testing for those who are blind/low vision (which is not a bad thing) but do not test with Switch for people with limited dexterity. Switch provides access to a plethora of technologies through an innovative system that is activated by a one-button touch. However, the capabilities of Switch are meaningless when blockaded by a lack of compatibility; programs must be compatible with Switch in order for the said programs to be accessible. This is where Switch testing comes into play. AbiliTrek possesses the competitive advantage over most IT accessibility companies that utilize automated testing; we employ a manual switch testing process from users with disabilities. Currently, we perform Switch testing for one of the largest multinational fast-food companies. We encourage companies to embrace the importance of Switch as it is a metaphorical ramp of access to the internet for individuals with low dexterity. AbiliTrek also provides a platform for the disability community to rate and review the accessibility of any establishment. This service not only allows people to complete accessibility reviews of almost any place someone can trek (locally or afar). As people make reviews, this platform will grow into a wealth of knowledge so travelers with disabilities can know which businesses are–and are not–accessible to them. AbiliTrek is a disability:IN Disability-Owned Certified Business.